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MS Reversed & The Role of Vitamin C and EFA Oils in Neurodegenerative (Muliple Sclerosis) Diseases

Did you know that REAL vitamin C and EFA Oils protect (and rebuild) the myelin sheath?

Part of a "naturopathic" treatment protocol for MS. Natura-listic approach found no where else.
Medical authorities label MS as an autoimmune disease (where the body is supposedly attacking itself). However, recent research shows that MS as well as other autoimmune diseases are really linked to infections, especially viral.

Neurodegeneration is a general term referring to the gradual degenerative conditions of the body, such as arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease, etc. The ultimate neurodegenerative disease is cancer, where multiple body systems have typically broken down and become infected and toxic. Key focal sites are often the brain and nervous system.

In neurodegeneration, there is commonly liver and intestinal toxicity, chemical and/or heavy metal toxicity (such as mercury, cadmium, aluminum, etc), nutritional deficiencies, ESPECIALLY VITAMIN C, ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS (EFA Oils) and their synergism in cell protection and building of the nerve sheaths (called myelin); interference with normal cell membranes, esp. of nerve tissue (often due to consumption of trans fats), exterior interference fields reflexing to head and/or spine, esp. dental foci (such as undiagnosed infected teeth).

In nerve regeneration I recommend Nerve Complex and Super Nano Green Tea if you have suffered from ANY radiation exposure.
Healthy Myelin Support is constructed with Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin C Complex. Not all C's are the same just as not all oils are the same. Read your labels and know EXACTLY WHERE YOUR SUPPLEMENTS ARE COMING FROM! (Granted, these are not the only things that one needs to do, but it's a pretty good start!)

Not just our cars and trucks, but even our bodies need an oil change. Good oil and not the synthetic, cheap crap.

MS plaque/Lesions Myelin Sheath Damage + C Complex, Buy Now + EFA Oil, Buy Now! = Clear MRI Results