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Quantum-Rx Coral Calcium Complex

Coral Calcium
Quantam RX

8oz Bottle
300 vCaps


Coral Legend Minerals contain legendary, highly ionized coral minerals, rich in calcium, magnesium & trace minerals; world-class support for alkaline pH. Research shows that the coral minerals have spectacular tissue bioavailability when mixed with a charged organic aloe vera concentrate. Charged organic aloe vera has been strongly fortified with negative ions which give it an ultra high energy potential when mixed with the coral minerals. Premier Research Coral Legend Powder contains 100% pure Sango Marine Coral powder (no filler(s) delivering highly ionized calcium, magnesium (ideal 2 :1 ratio) and all other essential calcium mineral synergists in ideal trace amounts including potasium, zinc, iodine, copper, and more.

 In 1979, a British journalist went to Japan to interview one of the oldest documented living people in the world, Mr. Izumi. He was a sprightly 115 year-old man in amazingly good health who lived on an island off the coast of Japan. he appeared healthy, active and alert. Most of the other inhabitants on the island were also in great health and seldom died before age 95! Researchers found the water the islanders drank was uniquely different. It contained ionized minerals leached from coral on which the island was built. These unique minerals made the water highly alkaline. When drunk, it helped the body keep a superior acid/alkaline balance. The highly mineralized coral water was found to be chemically very similar to essential elements found in the human skeleton, body fluids, blood and amniotic fluid. Incredibly, the researchers also discovered that the coral water could neutralize internal waste products, harmful bacterial toxins and heavy metals.


     The body must reduce every form of calcium into its ionized form in order to absorb it. Since coral minerals contain calcium that is already ionized, the body can use the calcium immediately without having to break it down. This is great news for the elderly and those with poor digestion. A key role of ionized calcium is to neutralize harmful acidic compounds anywhere in the body, before damage takes place. ionized calcium is critical to cleansing. Even a great herbal detox won't work very well without ionized calcium.

     If the body's pH becomes acidic, it becomes harder and harder for the body to uptake other nutrients such as minerals, vitamins or herbs. The key is to re-establish the proper acid/alkaline balance of your body. An acidic pH creates a hostile internal environment, like a raging storm, making the body struggle to get the nutrients it needs. The more acidic you become, the worse you will feel. As the body's pH comes into better balance (pH 6.4 to 7.0), it is like a sunny spring day; your body can easily assimilate minerals that were very difficult to absorb at a more acid pH. To measure your own urine pH, use graduated pH tape.


Calcium (from coral minerals), Magnesium (from coral minerals)

Recommended Use:
Adults or children(ages 1 and up): Take 1/4 teaspoon 1 to 2 times daily, mixed in water or other liquids.
For special routines: Take up to 1 tablespoon daily.

Note: For superior results mix with Quantum Aloe daily.