MS Multiple Sclerosis Before And After MRI's MS Lesions on my brain Reversed Clean MS MRI
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DanelleHello Julie,
Firstly congratulations!! And I hope you are still well.
My names is Danelle (31 yrs) and I have MS. I have done most of what you have over the past 11 months.
You gave me hope when I was first diagnosed. I haven’t had a relapse in these past 11 months.
I will be getting a follow up MRI to see how I am going.
I am interested in any information you have.

I was wondering if you had any dental work done/removed?  I had root canal tooth removed and a nickel bridge also removed in Feb. Thanks again, God Bless, Danelle

mri3Hi Julie, mri4 Was thinking of you! The before shots are A and C you will notice one lesion on the temporal and one cerebellum. Size of tumours. Got results. Lesions gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O yeah!!!!!!!!!! Danelle

I am just honored to be thought of enough to hear back from any of you that have taken that HUGE step and ordered your health to change by changing your lifestyle and diet! And then to send me emails with photos like this! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It's your stories that made this website and my time worth while!
I love you all and God Bless You!