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Now known as Gallbladder-PG 8oz.


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100% Organic Gallbladder Nano-Detox features live source, nanized concentrate for quantum-state gallbladder and biliary cleansing.* It promotes optimal gallbladder and biliary detox and cell resonance.*
Nanized Gold Coin Tincture using quantum resonance technology promotes optimal gallbladder and biliary detox and cell resonance. Premier grade 10 gold coin grass is micro-digested into small, highly bio-available particles using our proprietary fermentation process.

This product is excellent for use 3 to 6 weeks before starting liver and gallbladder cleansing programs.

100% Organic Ingredients:
Servings (1/2 tsp.) per bottle: 94
Each 1/2 tsp. serving contains:
Proprietary blend (2.5 ml) of:
Highly bio available nanized premier Chinese gold coin grass, Bifidobacteria, Enterococcusm, Lactobacillus, Streptococcus thermophilus.
Other Ingredients: purified water, certified organic alcohol. Preserved with premium grade, organic alcohol (pesticide residues not detected).

Recommended Use: Adults or children (age 4 and up): Take 1/2 teaspoon mixed in water or juice, 1 to 2 times daily or as directed by your health professional.

Gallbladder Support FKA Gallbladder ComplexBuy Now

Promotes comprehensive gallbladder and liver cleansing and support. It features beyond organic reishi, cordyceps, turmeric, guggul and more. It is a bio-energetically balanced formula with quantum cellular resonant synergists and co-factors.* 100% pure vegetable capsules.
Offers widely researched world class super nutrients for gallbladder support and cleansing (All are Grade 10-the highest quality available).*

1 capsule contains:
Proprietary blend: 500mg
Citrus Aurantium, Indian Guggul, Wild Mountain Grown Chinese Reishi, Indian Turmeric, Indian Noni, European Vegetable Extracts, European Beta-Sitosterol, Nutritional Yeast (Grown on molasses, not industrial sludge), Grade A Cordyceps (Mycelial Mushroom Extract), Wild Blue Green Algae, Grade A Japanese Chlorella, Beet Vegetable Extract, and Lycopene (from organic tomato source).
Other Ingredients: vegetable cellulose capsule.
Guaranteed free of: magnesium stearate, corn, milk, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The special nutrients in Gallbladder Complex are grown without chemicals, artificial fertilizers or fumigants and are guaranteed non-irradiated and filler free. Low temperature processing ensures that all enzymatic nutrients remain intact and fully active.

Recommended Use: Adults and children age 4 and up: take 1 capsule, 3 times daily.