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LIMONENE OIL (orange oil) 2oz.


Limonene Oil


Limonene Complex is a pH balanced, whole orange peel concentrate. Limonene has a pleasant citrus fragrance and is used topically as an antifungal and as a pain-reliever. It penetrates the skin immediately, and leaves no oily residue. It is also used internally for its antioxidant properties, its immune boosting qualities, and to dissolve gallstones; it has been found to be effective in its anti-cancer properties, including pancreas, colo-rectal, and breast cancer. Use Limonene Complex to:

To help loosen a stiff neck.
To help promote clearer, smoother skin.
To help promote a more flexible spine.
To help relieve tight, sore and painful muscles and joints, due to exercise.
Ingredients: 100% pure organic, pH-balanced essential oil of orange, double-buffered with calcium, making it highly bioavailable.

Recommended Use: Adults and children (age 4 and up): Massage a few drops of Limonene Complex into the skin to help relieve tight or painful muscles and joints (especially after exercise), bruises or injured areas. Do not apply to open cuts. May be diluted with water (50%) to achieve a milder solution. Avoid contact with eyes or genitals. Do not use if allergic to oranges. Cap tightly between uses to avoid evaporation of essential oil.