MS Multiple Sclerosis Before And After MRI's MS Lesions on my brain Reversed Clean MS MRI
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My name is Julie Weinzirl and I did reverse my MS (Multiple Sclerosis) successfully with faith in God and His gift to us all: 100% organic, live source nutraceuticals and this is MY STORY. MY TESTIMONY.

MSG/Aspartame symptoms mimic autoimmune disease symptoms. Autoimmune diseases triggered by poisons that we eat everyday, heavy metals in our mouths, parasitic infection and viral infections.

 I was diagnosed in March of 2004 with an "autoimmune disease" called multiple sclerosis. It took me about 8 years to be diagnosed because I refused to see a doctor. I HATE sitting in the waiting room for 2 to 3 hours just to sit in another "holding room" for another hour before being seen by a too-busy doctor that doesn't have time or sense enough to apologize for his/her receptionist's that over-booked the good ole Doc's day. No thanks. Hate them, love my time. My time is money, too.

 So, over an 8 year period time, I had developed burning, equilibrium problems {running into walls, couldn't catch my balance without hanging onto something or someone, falling down stairs, etc.}  major numbness over my entire body including my feet, head, arms, neck, face, legs, shoulders, arms, hands, tongue, chest etc., memory issues, cognitive issues, like fuzzy-mind, couldn't remember simple things etc., my speech was limited. I couldn't always say what I was thinking or vice versa. I had sleep problems, double vision, serious fatigue (I don't know what was to blame for that, brand new baby or MS), frigidity and this isn't the whole list, but this might help you understand where I was at.

 Every time I thought I was getting better, I would have another relapse and it would hit me harder and longer than the last episode. It was progressing very fast, so I was told when I finally did see a doctor. My neurologist, Dr. Gauss in PA, told me I had about 3 months before I'd be in a wheelchair. If I had done what they were telling me to do, I'd end up in a wheel chair anyway! Have you read the adverse reactions to this stuff?!?! It is almost always worse than the disease it's supposed to be "treating."

 All this really hit right after my daughter was born. (serious lack of nutrition while I was pregnant, along with severe head trauma and some other interference fields that needed to be cleared etc. is what I believe led up to my diagnosis).
(And I am adding to this today, Sept 26, 2015: A severe case of stress to add on to the list of things that I believe led up to the MS diagnosis. Psychi has everything to do with health.)

 I had a 3 month old baby to care for while dealing with all this. I was so angry that this "MS" was taking precious time away from me and my brand new baby. That was the worst mental AND physical battle I ever went through! I was NOT going to let anyone or anything come between me and my baby! I wasn't going to let anything take TIME away from this. You don't get to be a brand new mom twice!

 I was diagnosed with RRMS in the beginning, but within 4 months of that diagnosis I was told I was getting much worse, quickly. I did have some of the symptoms quite a few years back, but never paid any attention to them as I was too busy.

 Note: I was never treated for MS (multiple sclerosis) by a medical doctor (aside from one steroid treatment. NEVER AGAIN!) and I NEVER took any "MS modifying drugs". I have ONLY been treated by a NATURAL practitioner who is a certified clinical nutritionist and the founder and manufacturer of 100% organic live source nutraceuticals.

 The "white" spots showing up on these images are very real and they are called (MS) plaque or lesions. These lesions were responsible for my legs going numb. They were responsible for me losing my balance for months at a time. They were responsible for slurred speech, for tingling/vibrations throughout my body, for burning sensations throughout my body and a number of other symptoms.

 So, once I was diagnosed, and after a short while of dealing with self-pity, denial, depression, I re-developed an attitude that I've always had. I became armed and angry with this. I fought back with everything I had. I got online, researched everything I could on MS and then, the day I finally told my mom what the doctors had told me, she gave me a practitioner's phone number. She said to me, "Julie, you do EVERYTHING he tells you to do!" That was hard to hear. I have NEVER done what I was told to do. I always came up with a close, but seemingly better idea, of how to do what was told. This time, I did do what I was told to do.

MS Plaque    My MRI Showing Serious Lesions On My Brain
What you see above in these photos are God's handiwork. What an artist He is!!!!!! And along with His great art came MANY BLESSINGS! (comment added 9-26-15) He has given our bodies the miracle of re-growing organs and nerves when we just trust Him and put our Faith in him!!!!!

I remember standing in my house in York, South Carolina, at that time, bawling and screaming at God. I was angry that He chose me to lay this one on. I prayed for a long while that day, outloud. He listened. I screamed. I cried. I told Him that if this was what He wanted and that I was supposed to be in a wheel chair, then I'd accept it, but I didn't believe that this was how I was supposed to live the rest of my life here on earth. I asked Him to take over and lead the way. I asked Him if what my mom was recommending was what I was supposed to do. I had to let that anger go. I had to focus on what He was trying to teach me. He had a better plan than the neurologists did.

 So, about 3 months after I was diagnosed, I started a program by my doctor given over the phone and eventually, I flew out to Texas to see him. He is a VERY SMART MAN. After seeing him and following all the diet suggestions he offered and diligently taking all supplements suggested, the photos below shows my complete recovery. I was diagnosed in PA. I started his therapy there and took it with me into SC. That is where the 3rd MRI was done. I will never look back.

 I cut out all cooked foods, no more meat, not more canned foods, essentially, no more trash.

 These images are the result of his instruction on diet, his products, some hard work and dedication to what is now called my lifestyle-Healthy! I did everything my practitioner told me to do. Looking below, the left image shows lesions. Right image shows a clean, clear HEALTHY brain. No lesions!

My Before And After MRI's    MRI Showing Complete Recovery

(For More Images: My MRI Images)

 After the last MRI was done, I have seen three medical doctors who refuse to comment on my progress. I think these images say it loud and clear. They do not want to admit that there IS nutritional help for "MS" and many other health problems.

 However, I did have a radiologist in South Carolina tell me "what ever you are doing, keep on doing it." This was while he was comparing all 3 of my MRI's. He started with the nasty images and ended with what you see above. I left a 22 year practicing Radiologist speechless.


 WE ALL NEED TO CONSIDER CHANGE! IF you CHANGE your sleep patterns, if you change your diet, if you stretch your body, if you WANT TO CHANGE, you CAN! When you give your body the stress relief, sleep and the nutrients it needs your body will heal itself! Your body heals from the inside out.

 Infections in the teeth are the only true infections the body can't overcome without outside help. You need to find a good, sensible dentist.

 I am not going to lie to you and say that it was easy to do. It was the HARDEST thing I've ever done, next to child birth. It takes a lot of FAITH IN GOD, relentless dedication and will power to just say NO to the trashy foods and believe with all your mind and soul in yourself that you really can do this. (A lot of long talks with God, our Creator, wouldn't hurt either!)

 Decide for yourself. Pictures are worth a million words here. God has proven modern medical science and medical doctors WRONG. The "cure" lies within the body!   My MRI Images

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