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We are a "Nutritional treatment for ms stop"! We do not do anything conventionally here. (All other health problems are included, as well.)

Conventional "medicine" is for quitters, in my opinion. If you don't care about YOUR health, then I recommend you close this browser and call your doctor.
My name is Julie and I did reverse my MS (Multiple Sclerosis) successfully with 100% organic, live source nutraceauticals. Consider this your natural, wake-up call, "how to reverse MS guide, website.

There are alternative treatments for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I treated MY MS with 100% organic products... and WON!

MS is reversible, but some people want the simple "cure" for MS. The cure for MS lies within you! My suggestion: Eat a natural diet consisting of 100% organics, eliminating toxins, maybe getting on premier nutraceauticals and the "IF's".

After getting started on these unique and pure organic nutraceuticals, I started my recovery from MS the first day. I could FEEL the difference immediately. I quit eating all the non-foods that were toxic immediately. I obtained the list from my practitioner. I went on a 30 day (which turned into permanent) MSG-Aspartame-hydrogenated oil-free diet. I completely cut out all cooked, canned and processed foods from my diet and started eating REAL food and could see and feel the difference in my body within the first day, then the first week, first month and first year!

When trying to recover from a toxic disease, you need to understand the "make-up" of your diet. 95% of all our foods today are TRASH. If it is a highly heated food, throw in the trash can or find a good digest complex and supplement you hydrochloric acid intake. This will help you digest these cooked, enzymeless foods.

Even when eating raw foods, most is not safe anymore! You are battling pesticides, insecticides, radiated foods, etc. that HAVE BEEN DAMAGED and this will in turn damage your DNA! This is, over time, bio accumulate and cause serious infections like Diabetes, MS, Parkinson's and many other "incurable" diseases. You can protect yourself from ever facing these, sometimes deadly, diseases! Eat a HEALTHY diet. When you can't eat healthy, DRINK HEALTHY!

An underlying viral infection, parasitic infection and heavy metals in the mouth are normally the first warning signs of disease. When fighting these infections/problems, there are always things unique to each patient, but the main must-haves for just about everyone are: Super Food Trio and Probiotics. Please refer to my store to pin-point these products and research them. Also, finding a good QRA practitioner is a necessity as well. A good QRA practitioner will know how to test you correctly and what products to prescribe.

Kefir is the best probiotic and the cheapest you will find. I recommend purchasing the grains here and learning how to make your own. This will save you a LOT of money!!! And it is VERY GOOD FOR YOU! You can make smoothies with Kefir. Just throw the kefir in the blender with some frozen blueberries and maybe some Whey Protein or Slim Body Whey and you have made the perfect non-toxic meal! Put it in a cup and head out the door! Simple! Kids love these, too! My daughter has one for breakfast/lunch all the time. She just loves them! And they are sooooooooooo good for our kids. Let's get rid of the JUNK/TRASH that is marketed to our kids and give them something that is good for them and nourishing! Take control of the dinner table war! Control what you eat, control what your kids eat, and take care of your health!

Prevention is the first key!

REAL B Vitamins - REAL Vitamin C - REAL EFA Oils

This is everything I changed when I first started my MS Reverse Battle:
Updated 9-28-07

  • Diet: Raw foods (with very little cooked foods after 4 months of eating only raw foods.) I don't eat out much anymore.
  • I always supplement with HCL/Digest with raw food or cooked.
  • NO more: processed foods (which is virtually everything in the grocery store.)
  • Probiotic Complex and then after 2 months started getting my probiotics from Kefir and Miso (soup)
  • I read all ingredient labels avoiding products with MSG, Aspartame, Sodium Benzoate, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid etc.
  • Changed ALL of my hygiene products to safe, non toxic (QNL) products.
  • My hand/body lotion is by QNL.
  • I use non toxic laundry soap
  • Brush my teeth with baking soda and/or QNL/PRL toothpaste
  • Had bad dental work removed and replaced with non-toxic fillings
  • I quit using antiperspirants/I use PRL deodorant spray and/or Ozonated gel (QNL) as a deodorant (magnesium found in the Coral Calcium, if you have enough in your system will keep the body sweat from smelling)
  • QNL Liquid Soap (I use the liquid soap mixed with the shampoo in my hair, Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Facial Creams from QNL with Neem Oil and sometimes Ozonated Gel.
  • I see a "nontoxic" dentist in Denver 2 times a year
  • I make my own juice from fresh organic fruit
  • I use 1/2 tsp of QNL Pink Salt daily
  • I quit wearing make up (that was a huge one for me. I hadn't gone without makeup in YEARS)
  • I use QNL's BRT vial in my home and my body (it is a bio repolarization technique vial) I'll get some information if you want it. I use it to clear my body's meridians daily. Held on head for 20 seconds, and this is also what I used to clear emotional toxic fields.
  • Use QNL filter on shower head
  • QNL EMF protectors on my phone, cell phone, house circuit, tv's, computer and my vehicle.

Since being symptomatic free, I have started using some of the above listed items. I use 'make up' and it's made by Burt's Bees. It is the "Vanishing Facial Powder" and the ingredients are listed as: Mica, calcium carbonate (chalk), kaolin (clay), zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide.

Also, since being symptomatic free, I eat organic red meat. I buy Laura's Lean Beef and I buy ORGANIC Buffalo Burger both bought at a health food store here in Colorado. I eat red meat MAYBE 2 times a month. Not very often, but I do eat it. I shy away from store bought chicken, that is not to say I haven't eaten it but I raise my own chickens and eat that more readily than store bought chicken. I do NOT eat any pork products unless it is bacon, uncured and organic, but that is limited to about 1 time a year. I only eat peppered organic uncured, no nitrates added bacon. And again, that is about once a year.

I have also started buying ORGANIC BILBERRY NECTAR BY BIONATURAE. Bionaturae also has apple, peach, apricot, plum juice and a few others. ALL ORGANIC.

Along with my QNL/PRL shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, I also found a company that makes very descent products. Aubrey Organics is also what I use for shampoo, conditioner and deodorant purposes.

I have also started eating out a little more so than 3 years ago. I do "cheat" a little with my diet, but for the most part, everything stated above has stayed as a standard rule for me. If I eat out, it's not very often, if I eat meat, it IS ORGANIC, if I use other shampoos and such, they are Aubrey Organics' products, and Burt's Bees is the 'make up' I use now.

I apologize to the many organic consumers that pass through my web site daily and read what I have written about my reversal. It is day by day. I do NOT suffer from any sort of MS symptoms, still and I do keep up on my WHOLE FOOD, LIVE SOURCE SUPPLEMENTATION PRACTICES! I still believe in "you are what you eat."

Thanks for coming in and reading!