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Dead-stop colds and flu
• Heal wounds
• Improve circulation
• Increase energy
• Slow the aging process
• Strengthen the immune system
• Battle infection and disease
• Promote new skin cell growth and
• Neutralize internal toxins

I couldn't recommend something more powerful than Nucleotides, or now known as Nucleo Immune. I will still call them Nukes. I love this stuff! It has rescued me for the last 9 years EVERY TIME I HAVE NEEDED IT. It's a miracle bottle of magic. I don't know how else to describe this stuff. So let me tell you how it WORKS.

If you are feeling the onset of a sore throat, getting the sniffles, starting to cough or just plain feel crappy, then this is when you start popping what I call the miracle bottle of magic. 18-20 Nucleo Immune V caps at onset then follow this with 1 every hour, on the hour for a day. When you open one of my medicine cabinets, this is what you see:


Nucleotides are for all sorts of troublesome issues. I have never broken any bones, but I know that if I ever do, NUCLEOTIDES WILL BE TO THE RESCUE. I can't say enough or stress enough this miracle worker. Read up on these guys. Do some research. Two great sources found here, and here.

Click here to listen to introduction on Nucleotides by Dr. Marshall as he discusses broken bones and colds.

100% Organic Nucleo Immune (NUCLEOTIDES)


Nucleo Immune100% Organic Nucleo Immune

Benefits: Nucleo Immune (formerly Nucleotide Complex) promotes rapid cellular rejuvenation, increased vitality, healthy immune system; great support during cold and flu season; promotes new skin cell growth; helps relieve flu symptoms.*

Quantum Nucleo Immune Complex - The Premier Immune Booster!*
Research shows that nucleotides can help the body to rapidly overcome colds or flu, heal wounds, improve circulation, strengthen the immune system, promote new cell growth, neutralize toxins (especially in the intestines), enhance the body's ability to fight infection and disease and may even help slow the aging process.*

What are Nucleotides?
Nucleotides are tiny building blocks of RNA and DNA, which are the blueprints for every cell in your body. Each of your trillion plus cells contains 6 billion nucleotides. These building blocks are stored in a very limited quantity in the liver. Trauma, surgery, infection, and other stresses can rapidly deplete the body's stores of nucleotides. When depleted, rebuilding critical supplies of nucleotides to meet the body's demands can take several days, if not weeks. * 

Dramatic Swiss research has shown that oral nucleotides can help:

-- Stop colds and flu in one day (96% of the time)*
-- Reduce wound healing time up to 67%, including broken bones*
-- Improve circulation*
-- Increase energy levels*
-- Dramatically slow the aging process * 
-- Strengthen the immune system * 
-- Battle infection and disease * 
-- Promote new skin cell growth and repair * 
-- Neutralize internal toxins * 

The Quantum Nucleo Immune Boost - Research shows that nucleotides can diminish the symptoms and duration of the common cold as well as the flu.  In research trials, nearly all patients on a therapeutic course of nucleotides reported significantly less discomfort associated with the symptoms of colds and flu and experienced a substantially accelerated recovery.  These symptoms included sinus pain, earache, headache, diminished taste, high body temperature, dry mouth, swollen glands and muscle aches.  The genetic code of a cold virus enters the body as a strand of RNA that contains about 7,000 nucleotides coiled inside a viral shell.  This code acts to trigger the body's cellular machinery to start duplicating the viral code and spreading the infection to new cells in a downward infection cycle.  If an extra source of nucleotides is available, billions of these sturdy, fresh nucleotides can be absorbed by the cell to help fight back and put an end to the infection cycle. Nucleo Immune Complex promotes an instantaneous immune boost, accelerates rapid cellular rejuvenation, and increases vitality.  Nucleotides are highly bio-available with essential synergists and co-factors, encouraging beneficial intestinal flora. *

  • Ideal support for the thymus, especially during colds and flu *
  • Effective immune upregulation for the liver and the intestines *
  • Regulates the immune response, especially during viral attacks *


100% Organic Ingredients:
Each capsule contains:
Proprietary Blend (500mg) of:
Grade 10 Formula: Natural-Source Nucleotides (Brewers Yeast Derivative), Grade A Japanese Chlorella (Chlorella pyrenoidosa), Raw Atlantic Kelp (Ascophyllum nod.), Indian Noni (Morinda cit.), Indian Turmeric (Curcuma longa),Lycopene (S. American, nonhybrid tomato), Citrus Aurantium, European Beta-Sitosterol, Nopal Cactus (Opuntia ficus indica), Bitter Melon (Momordicachar.), Thyme Leaf (Thymus vulg.), Dandelion Root (Taraxacum off.), Pacific Yew Needle (Taxus brev.), Guar Gum, Plant Enzymes (fungal-free)
Other Ingredients: vegetable cellulose capsule.
Guaranteed free of: magnesium stearate, corn, milk, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Recommended Use: Adults or children (age 4 and up): Take 1 to 2 Vcaps daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.