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Quantum Rx Nutraceauticals

Rejuvenation CreamWorld-Class, Living Nutrients For a Radiant Complexion

3 Fabulous Natural Hormones.

5% Natural Pregnenolone (Wild Yam Synthesis) - Precursor to all natural steroid. synthesis/Supports skin firmness.*
5% Natural DHEA (Wild Yam Synthesis) - Supports adrenals, endocrine glands and healthy skin.*
2% Natural Progesterone (Wild Yam Synthesis) - 100% naturally active in the human. body/Supports healthy hormones.
100% Organic Nontoxic Cream.

No propylene glycol, parabens, carbomer 940, polysorbate 60, cetyl alcohol, peg 8 stearate, solvents (such as benzene) or other toxic chemicals. No petroleum-based mineral oil, which clogs pores.

Unparalleled cell uptake - Up to 98% absorption by the cell as compared to 3 to 6% with ordinary creams.

Quickly absorbed by the cell - Absorbed intracellularly, not between cells into connective tissue (as seen with other creams).

Ingredients: Beyond Organic,Proprietary Formula: ECOPs (electromagnetically charged organic particles) with natural vitamins A, C, E, K and B complex; Turkish Apricot Kernel Oil, Pesticide-Free European Grape Seed Extract (Equis. arv.), Almond Oil, natural Vitamin E, Hazelnut Oil, Horsetail Extract (Equis. arv.), Natural Wild Yam Concentrate which has been laboratory processed to three natural, bio-identical hormone agents: Natural-source DHEA (dihydroepiandrosterone 5%), Natural Pregnenolone (5%) and Natural Progesterone (2%).

Recommended Use: For best results, first cleanse your face thoroughly with our Facial Cleanser. Next, massage a small amount of Rejuvenation Cream into your facial skin and especially any problem areas.