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Small, Medium and Large

Sizes of Tektite to Wear

Tektite, S, M, L

Are You Being Zapped Unknowingly?

Certain artificial EMF sources, such as an airport metal detector or a stores doorway security tag scanning device, can have a tremendous negative impact on the bodys biofield. Certain sensitive people can often feel the negative effects of these EMFs. They actually feel as if they have been hit with negative energy when they walk by a device, experiencing weakness or tingling sensations on the skin. Because this artificial energy is in the subtle realm, many people are unaware of its harmful effects. Of course, they may become very aware of long-term effects such as chronic fatigue and other chronic health issues. However, most people do not associate problems as the effects of stressful EMF sources.

Protect Your Body

By carrying at least one piece of Tektite in your pocket, the body can be completely protected from the negative effect of these artificial EMFs. More effective still is having a piece of Tektite placed in each pocket. It not only protects against these EMF sources but, also helps to balance the bodys polarity thus allowing the bodys natural physiology to perform at a much higher level. This is especially important for those who want high energy levels or who are recovering from chronic health concerns.

Do All Tektites Have Special Properties?

No! First of all, what is currently being sold as tektite is actually just look-alike, cheap glass and it is not tektite at all. As usual, the buyer must beware. Secondly, in evaluating the different types of tektites, Dr. Marshall has found that the tektites with the most valuable properties are indochinites. These can only be obtained from a certain part of the Australasian strewn field. Although other types of tektites being sold may be genuine, the vast majority do not have the special protective properties of indochinite Tektites.

Tektites From Ancient Times

Tektites have been found with other artifacts in archaeological digs that date back thousands of years. Tektites have been prized as special precious objects and have a long history of use in ancient civilizations for many reasons: religious significance, personal protection and power, beauty, physical healing and increased perception and intuition. Because of these unique properties, certain types of tektites have been used in jewelry in Europe for hundreds of years and are making a return today as valuable gems to be worn on the body.

For a small body size (under 115 lbs.), choose small Tektite pieces to wear. An average size person (116 - 200 lbs.), should choose medium Tektite pieces. For someone over 200 lbs., large Tektite pieces should be used. If someone is sensitive, no matter what size, they may want to start by wearing small pieces at first and work up to larger pieces.